Ever since I started blogging in 2009 (La Vie & Mademoiselle) I had a dream to create a space that would inspire me, my friends and even those I do not know personally. I created this site hoping that it would be filled with positivity and good vibes. In recent years with the growth of social media the concept of beauty has been one of the primal focuses of the virtual world. Yet, beauty is so much more than an image. It is beyond what is seen from the outside, it could truly shine from the inside. I designed this space not only to talk beauty, fashion, travel and lifestyle – yes, all of this will be featured. Yet, I wanted to do it genuinely, truthfully and to really concentrate on the deeper, more spiritual way of experiencing life. I truly believe that life could and should be beautiful and that beauty will save the world 🙂 But only when it comes from the inside out!

Keep shining!