Detox Juice

Detox Juice

The best way to lead a balanced life is to incorporate a small amount of detoxifying foods into your diet. No need to splurge on expensive supplements and powders with weird names you cannot pronounce, The concept behind a balanced diet is “all in moderation”. My green guru and friend Ani shares these same principles and many more on her site Statera.Life. Her recipe for a green detox juice below would instantly energise you while helping your system flush out all these toxins we are exposed to each and every day.

For a bit of a kick, add some coconut water and a tiny bit of rum into the blender and voila – you have a green Peña Colada. Who says a healthy lifestyle is restrictive?!!


1 small cucumber

2 kale leaves

2-3 celery stalks, leaves removed

1 small lemon or lime, peeled

1 small cup fresh pineapple, peeled


Juice all ingredient.

* you can add 1tsp of alfalfa, barley & wheat grass powder to your juice.


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