City Guide – Milan

City Guide - Milan

No doubt Milan is a fashion must stop and top destination for anything designer and classy. Whether you want to indulge in the alta street style moda or in a whole lot of pastries, pasta and cappuccinos, here are the spots you should pin on the this Italian city map.

Duomo di Milano

A touristy cliché and a must stop in your agenda. If you want to stay away from the crowds and to take a different photo with the famous cathedral, then change the perspective and go up one of the nearby shopping centres. At the top floor cafes the view is much better and is sure to get more likes. Also you can enjoy a cup of super strong Italian espresso.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

The beauty here is all around – tempting you from the boutique’s windows,     and even in the tiny Italian restaurants with their signature (pasta) dishes. Go ahead, walk around gazing at the beautifully drawn ceilings, then sit at the nearest ristorante. Leave your carb restrictions at the door – not indulging in a simple yet only in Italy pizza accompanied by a glass of house wine and followed by a tiramisu would simply be a waste of your trip!

Corso Como

The modern part of town and one of the most fashionable spots at the moment, Corso Como comes as a fresh breathe in this historically significant city filled with monuments and baroque architecture. The buildings and the vibe here is future orientated, but sticks to its Italian class and Milanese minimalist style.

Via Monte Napoleone

One of the most famous fashion destinations out there, it is on this exact street where you would find all the designers and the latest ready to wear collections. Do not hesitate to go off the main street and to stroll down the tiny streets that hide gems by the not yet established Italian designers.

Lake Como

A short train journey would take you to one of Italy’s most magical places. Enveloped in a half transparent layer of fog, the villages of Como and Bellagio are the ultimate destination for weddings and parties in one of the breathtaking villas overlooking the lake.


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