Paris Gems For Free

Paris Gems For Free

Top Eight Not (So) Touristy Must Visit Places in the City of Lights

Paris is the ultimate cultural destination. With its chic cafes and gourmet Michelin star restaurants, you might think it is also an expensive place for a vacation. No so much, if you know where you could go for free.

 Pont Neuf

An essential pit stop in your Paris tour is this beautiful bridge on the Seine. Praised for its aesthetic as well as historical significance – it is the oldest standing bridge across the French river, do not miss the chance to snap a few pics at this magical spot.

Jardin du Luxembourg

Less touristy than the Tuileries, the Luxembourg gardens is without doubt the most beautiful green spot in the city. It is a gorgeous piece of heaven right in the centre of one of the capital’s chicest neighborhoods – the 6th arrondissement.

Musee D’Orsay

Undoubtedly, there are many cultural stops on a trip to Paris. As well a cultural, the Orsay Museum is also a historical monument – it was once a railway station. With its landmark façade, the building is today the home of impressionists works by Monet, Manet, Van Gogh, Degas and Renoir to name a few.

Jardins du Palais Royal

French are notorious for their chilled joi-de-vivre lifestyle. No wonder, with all those picnic-perfect tiny parks and gardens spread around town. Escape the capital’s buzz and noise is this hidden historical garden, filled with tiny gems of vintage stores and cafes.

Saint Germain

If you are in Paris only for a few hours only, then visit the Saint Germain neighborhood and you’d feel the true vibe of this magical city. Known for its bohemian history, chic cafes and breathtaking cathedrals, this is probably one of the most Parisian residential areas in the centre.

Jardins de Versailles

If you plan a visit to the famous Versailles Palace, do not neglect the gardens surrounding the iconic chateau. The park has been turned into family outdoor location, perfect for activities like cycling and badminton. If you go further inside the park, you would come across the well preserved remains of what was once Marie-Antoinette’s notorious farm.


The Latin Quartier is a landmark in the French capital that should not be missed. Simply stroll down its tiny streets until you come face to face with the Sacre Coeur – one of Paris’ most notorious buildings.

Louis Vuitton Museum

A cultural, as well as a fashionable destination, the newly opened Louis Vuitton Foundation is a modern art must-see. The exterior gives the exact idea of what is housed inside this modern architectural accomplishment. The exhibitions are contemporary and artistic – just what the label itself stands for.


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