Yogis Art: Tatyana

Yogis Art: Tatyana

Tatyana is one of the most inspirational yoga teachers out there. She talks about the way yoga transformed her life and has helped her see and feel the world in a different way.

Please introduce yourself!

Hi, my name is Tatyana and I’ve been a yoga teacher for three years now. I did my first yoga teaching/ training at the Yandara Yoga School, located in Baja California – one of the furthest Western parts of Mexico and since then I have been teaching people around the world. I have also been doing more training since. One of the most interesting ones was with Shiva Rea, I did almost two years ago in London.

What does yoga mean to you?

Union within myself, with the divine. To me yoga is so much more than practicing asana. In fact, in the last few months I have not been very strict with my asana practice. To me yoga is the way I eat, talk to people, the way I approach every single aspect of my life. The practice is connected to the divine. In a way yoga touches every single part of your life. Yoga also helped me become more conscious, more aware of the way I move, communicate, love, touch the world.

How would you describe your spiritual journey?

My spiritual journey began almost nine years ago when I went to my very first yoga class at the local LA gym in Notting Hill. My fist teacher was Miss Mercedes Ngoh, she teaches vinyasa flow in London and is currently considered one of the best yoga teachers in town. Back then, her classes were at the small LA Fitness. At that time I was in the corporate world working in marketing. Even though I was into yoga at the time and already practicing once a month, I considered yoga as a way to get a better post workout stretch. I started incorporating yoga in my workouts, after my cardio I would make sure I stretch. I started doing yoga almost every day only about four years ago. Two years later I went to my first yoga teacher’s training and the rest is history. Yoga has transformed my life in so many different ways. I did quit my job a year after I became a qualified yoga teacher. It was right there at the Baja Yoga School in the Mexican desert that I realized fear was an illusion. I decided that I would follow my dreams and the universe would step up to help me and lead me on the right way no matter what. It’s been two and a half years since I quit my job and my yoga journey has proved exciting, diverse, helped me change and evolve in so many ways. Of course, there were also hard times, but in the end there is this rewarding feeling. I don’t regret a single decision or step that has lead me to this moment right now.

What would you recommend someone who has a very stressful life and has problems sleeping/ relaxing?

Simply take a walk in nature, that’s all. Sit on the ground, on the grass, by the beach.

Tips for yoga beginners?

Take it easy, listen to your body. Afte all those years of practice I myself cannot hold a headstand. But that’s ok, we are not competing. We are looking for ways to understand how we function and to accept ourselves the way we are.

Trending topic at the moment is yoga and body image – what is your opinion?

I don’t mind the concept that when you practice yoga your body gets fit. I actually think it’s an added value. Yes, we live in a material world and your body is material. I actually love that! If you can practice every day and have really tight arms and bum, why not 😉

How can yoga effect the body? 

Yoga affects not just the body, it affects everything in your life, makes you stronger physically and mentally. You find ways to overcome hard times. Yoga teaches patience and understanding. The body is only the first step of the transformation.

Does it help with weightloss and which yoga type would you recommend for best results?

I have been struggling with this topic my whole life. My advice would be not to do yoga only because you want to loose weight. Set it as an intention and let it go. The weightloss would be a kind of a ‘side effect’.

Any workshops/ retreats you organize?

I do yoga retreats in Bali, India, Greece and several other places a few times a year. The next one is in the end of April (more info on Tatyana’s facebook page). It is a magical place, a land filled with energy, the one that helps you transform your whole life as long as you are willing to take the first step. It is open to anyone, as I already mentioned yoga is not about stretching or exercising – it is about the way we live our lives, interact, communicate, get inspiration and courage to face the difficulties. A yoga retreat could fill you up with so much healing energy to help you be more present and successful, just a better person.

Why is a yoga escape a good idea?

Sometimes photos tell more than if I was to convince you. We all want to travel, to explore and see new things – the best part of this trip is that you would see and learn more things about your own valuable and unique being. Learn to let go and let it be.


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