Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga

Yoga has proved its overall beneficial impact on both the mind and the body. Now that the practice is becoming more and more mainstream, we take a look at some of the more unconventional yoga practices.

Who Is It For?

Aerial yoga is great for anyone who wants to get more flexible, wants to try something new and to get a good stretch. The last was my main reason to try out the practice. If you suffer from any injures, make sure to warn the teacher in order to prevent accidents.

What to Expect?

When looking for an aerial yoga class, bear in mind that there are some pretty intense ones. Usually this would be specified by the studio and if you have any doubts be sure to ask and to share your concerns with the teacher. There are always beginners, so the main thing is not to get intimated or scared.

My Experience

I am not new to yoga to say the least. Yet, I was scared to let go and most of my practice was ruined by the fear of falling. This could be quite normal, my advice is not to push yourself – see how far you could go and as always with yoga, breathe and see how far you can go in a gentle and loving way!

Where to practice?

As it is not that popular in town, for now there is the Yoga Diwali studio. If you visit make sure to go the one of Ludmil’s classes – he would take you to the verge of your limits and make you see the world upside down!


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