I have already shared some of the Vitamins I add to my diet in the form of tablets. In my pursuit of maximum health, I have been experimenting with different super foods and supplements. As much as I would rather take these in their purest form (usually as powder added to smoothies), I find it much more convenient and easy to just take them as tablets in the morning with a big glass of water.

Evening Primrose Oil

Primrose oil promotes hormonal health is a great natural alternative to anyone having hormonal imbalance (which is almost every single person these days). The oil is high in essential fatty acids – a vital part of our wellbeing, which the body cannot produce, so adding to your diet in the form of supplements is essential. Fatty acids help the normal growth and development and are important part of the regeneration of the cells. Primrose oil could help with acne as it is usually caused by hormonal imbalance.


Maca powder is a great energy booster and an essential supplement to the diet of us, females. If Miranda Kerr swearing by maca powder is not convincing enough for you, then frankly I don’t think anything else could change your mind on including this ancient South American medicine to your diet J Maca is in fact rich in amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, which all make our skin, hair and nails look more vibrant and healthy (hopefully just like Kerr’s).


Having heard a lot about this green miracle, I decided Alas, supplements seem to be like flossing – we all believe they work somehow somewhere there, yet there are no instant results.

Spirulina is known for its detoxing qualities. Over time our bodies build up a relatively high toxicity from the environment, the food, the water we intake. Over time, the more toxic environment inside our bodies could lead to inflammation.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera in its optimal state is as a liquid elixir. Yet, my issue here was that even though I would buy the smallest bottle and drink it every day, it would still go off in less than a week. Switching to tablets made more sense.

Just like spirulina, aloe vera flush heavy metal toxins from the body. If you want to add it to your diet in its purest form, then get the actual plant and scoop put the get stored in its leaves. Blend in your morning smoothie. Yum!

Brewer’s Yeast

A rich source of minerals, B-complex vitamins and selenium, Brewer’s yeast helps balance blood sugar levels. It is a great supplement to take if you are diagnosed with diabetes or if you are struggling with high cholesterol and weight gain.

The lack of nutrition, sleep and time to just chill and relax often shows its traces on our skin. I have experienced its consequences on y skin (also my weakness) twice in my life – fist in my late teens when uni application and teen love drama took its toll and I had terrible breakouts and only recently when I decided I wanted to switch my high trusted and prescribed by one of the leading dermatologists (more on that soon) regiment to a more “natural” animal friendly one – a huge mistake, I admit it now. Faced with all the damage left after the unsuccessful natural switch I moved back to my trusted beauty regime, but this time in the need of reinforments to make my skin look ok. I am realistic here, radiant looking skin in not in my genes, maybe one day I would have the right formula.

Please share any supplements that you take or if you have any experience with the ones above!


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