5 Beauty and Health Uses of Coconut Oil

5 Beauty and Health Uses of Coconut Oil

Oil Pulling

This method for oral hygiene has existed for many years in Ayurveda. Only recently it became popular as a highly effective teeth whitener. Thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial properties, coconut oil keeps the inside of the mouth fresh and healthy, smelling and looking great.

How to oil pull?

Simply put a spoonful of organic coconut oil in your mouth and start swashing around trying not to swallow any of it (maybe start with a small spoon and then start to add a bit more each time). Keep for as long as you can handle then spit in the toilet.


I find coconut oil the ultimate hydrating product which could be used all year round. The skin tends to get dry as the seasons change. Instead of swashing large amounts of highly toxic body creams chose coconut oil, which could be used every other day, even once or twice a week and the skin still feels soft.

Hair Conditioner

Among the many products out there that promise shiny and healthy looking locks, coconut oil is a must. If your hair is prone to fizziness, then rub a small to the ends after the shower. If your hair is prone to oiliness, then remember wash away afterwards.

Cuticle Oil

When the seasons change the cuticles inevitably get drier and could cause a lot of damage not only to the way the nails look, but also feel. When this happens I opt for coconut oil as a nail/ cuticle saver. It softens the skins and instantly makes the hands smoother and with time more delicate.

Natural Deodorant

Coconut mixed with baking soda makes the best non-toxic deodorant. Finding one that really truly works could be a challenge. The coconut-soda concoction is 100% natural and possibly the most effective odor fix out there.

If you want to add some scent simply pop some lavender, rosemary or mint drops, which would also help the skin to heal quicker if irritated after shaving or washing.


Do you know of any other uses of coconut oil? Comment below!

Also, check out my all time favourite body scrub with coconut oil and sugar.


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