Vitamins I Take

Vitamins I Take

The supplements discussion is one of the most controversial topics in the wellness movement. Whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or omnivore, at some stage of your life you would have considered taking some kind of supplement. And while it is true that a varied diet should be sufficient and meet your body’s requirements, in the modern world there are some aspects t consider.

Food is not what it used to be

It is no secret that the modern soils are depleted of all the minerals they once produces.

Pesticides and chemicals have become the norm in agriculture. And while the BIO movement is gaining more and more popularity, there is not much truly organic any more.

  • B12

If you have switched to a vegan diet, you would have come across one of the two questions: “Where do you get your PROTEIN from?” or “Where do you get your daily B12 from?”

And while this post is not going to discuss the protein “issue”, B12 is another vital vitamin, which only recently became trendy among doctors and dieticians.

B12 is not really a concern for vegan. Studies show that B12 levels are not linked to a meat-eaters or vegetarian diets. However, it is also true that animals are forced fed B12, so if you eat meat you are more likely to have high levels of B12 in your blood. Bear in mind, though, that most results are based on people who actually check their health and because of all the stigma, vegans check their blood tests more often than people who consume meat. Hence, they are more likely to be diagnosed with B12 deficiency. As B12 absorption is a complex process that depends on many factors outside of our diet, taking a supplement is a probably the most effective way to maintain healthy B12 levels (you cannot overdose it) and also to ease your mind on the topic.

  • Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc

These three vitamins are essential for a healthy nervous system. If you have been feeling a overwhelmed then it is very possible you are lacking one of these essential vitamins. In order to be properly absorbed, they need to be taken together. Zinc is also great for the skin, so don’t if you suffer from acne or other skin related issue, take some of this trip.

  • Iron

Another important mineral which you might be told to be careful with when switching to a vegan diet. If you worry about your iron levels, best to get your blood test results. I take iron tablets from time to time (not on a regular basis), so I believe it is completely optional (and advisable mostly for your mental wellbeing).

I like SOLGAR as they state their vitamins are suitable for vegans!


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