Whether you want to stretch, tone or just want to try something new – yoga has a million benefits, which could only be felt once you dedicate some time to the practice. I started my yoga journey over four years ago. At the time I was looking for a way to reduce the stress in my life as I was living the hectic London life. When I started I was not flexible at all and most of the poses were a nightmare to endure. However, I did stick to my yoga routine. Slowly and very gently I started noticing that my muscles were less tense and I could go deeper into the pose. One advice, I think every yoga teacher should give would be: Always listen to your body. Everyone has a strictly individual physic, fitness level, flexibility, etc. If you are a beginner than I would advice going to a beginners class. Then slowly progress and each time try to connect to your body – it does not matter whether you’ve been practicing a month, a year or a lifetime – each time could be a completely new experience. I have tried so many different styles of yoga with dozens of teachers and each time I discover something new. One thing I still cannot figure is the breath – I cannot say I am really aware of the spiritual side of yoga. Yet, it allows us to get deeper within ourselves and I truly believe there is a god within each one of us. So, don’t be shy – hop on your mats – all you have been searching from the outside is already within you!

PS: If you live in Sofia, soon I would have my Bulgarian version up and I would share my best yoga places here in town. Otherwise, if you travel and want to do some yoga, do check out this You Tube Channel – it has really diverse yoga practices.


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