Makeup Essentials

Makeup Essentials

Eco Tools – Recently I have been switching my make-up tools and one of the first things I had to swap were my make-up brushes. The most eco-friendly and best for the skin are by Eco Tools. I have been looking for some that would be cruelty-free, vegan, gentle on the skin and of course would do a good job applying my blush, bronzer and eye-shadow. I came across Eco Tools and really liked the concept behind the brand. They really stand behind their products and are probably the most ethical company out there. If just like me you are concerned whether they do a good job – I am more than happy with the results.

Lust by Lush – As a scent for many years I used Chance by Chanel. It is an iconic perfume, but recently I wanted to try something different. I really like the smell of jasmine. When I came across this Lust fragrance by Lush, I was amazed by the mixture of earthliness and the actual feeling of lust that this small bottle combined. This little baby is quite strong, so do not overdue it like me the first time I sprayed it 🙂 I finished it within a month, though as the effect is not as intense as the one I was used to before with my Chance. At the moment I am still on the search for a new fragrance, if you have suggestions please let me know. The only must is the touch of jasmine and a bit of lust.

RMS Concealer – I had read a ton about RMS before I purchased this concealer and it was all good stuff. Yet, once I started to use it my skin did not react very well to it. I recommend it here as a natural, cruelty-free brand. Yet, I am wondering how to get rid of mine, without wasting the 32 euros I spent on it. I am convinced that with highly natural products there is the chance of a bad reaction – our skin is just not used to the much higher concentration of ingredients, even if those are all organic, preservative-free, etc. I was happy with the end effect – if definitely does a great job as a concealer. As my skin is acne-prone I assume it is just an individual issue. I had to stop using it and swapped it for the Lavera concealer in Honey 03. It never ever causes me any problems, ensures as good a coverage as any other high end concealer and more than half the price.

Milani Cosmetics – Recently I have been a massive Milani Cosmetics fan. I had been looking for vegan make-up for quite some time. I came across Milani while browsing on the internet. All their products are more than affordable (even with the shipping, plus most are on Amazon) and the effect they achieve is amazing. One of the first vegan make-up brands to come across and try was Beauty Without Cruelty. While their concept is great – the products were just not up to the standards I was used to with the mass market make-up. So, I searched more thoroughly and when I tried Milani’s eyeliner, lipgloss, lipstick and mascara was over the moon with the result.


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