Let’s Talk Exfoliation

Let’s Talk Exfoliation

Exfoliation is a big, big thing. I always find it fascinating when I think of one of the skin’s main properties –it renews itself, so that after an year we all have new skin. Yep, it is a simplified way to imagine how all the millions cells each day die and new ones grow. And while I would dedicate another post for a more in depth skin talk (and this time with e dermatologist), now I just want to quickly introduce you to some amazing skin exfoliating products. They are all super affordable, one is even a DIY body scrub. I do them daily and swear by each one of them.


Lush – this is the fanciest product of the lot. I like Lush as it is a great company, which works hard against animal cruelty. In the cosmetics industry this is a big issue and all the products I use and promote are cruelty free. This is the – it exfoliates the skin and leaves it soft and hydrated. If you are in a rush and dread the moisturizer application – it is the ultimate product to save time.


DIY Body Scrub

I promise you this body scrub would leave you smelling like a candy… or a bubble gum… or all in one! All you need is coconut oil (my all time favourite product) and some white sugar. Make sure that the coconut oil is not very hard (the consistency depends on the temperature) and mix it well with the sugar. Before you get under the shower rub your body with the mixture. Just be careful not to slip as the coconut oil is super slippery. Wash off and you don’t need to apply anything else. After I do this peeling I can feel my skin renewed and looking, smelling and feeling AMAZING 🙂


Body brushing

Maybe I would have the topic featured in a separate post. However, for now I wanted to look at the hype going on with dry body brushing. It certainly is a cool way to stimulate the blood flow and has a lot of benefits. For me, though, there was really no difference in the way my skin felt. I did follow all the Miranda Kerr advice, but still it just did not have any results. If you know what all the hype is about, please let me know. One great tip – pick a good brush. The Body Shop have good vegan ones.


Eco Tools Loofah Bath Sponge

I am a big Eco Tools fan, I have to admit. This sponge is just perfect for everyday use. I had been looking for a long time for a product that would really clean the skin, yet it would not be too rough on it. This is the perfect sponge and while at first it might feel really tough and hard, once under the shower and it gets soaked wet, it slowly starts to soften up. I sometimes leave it to moisten quite a bit (especially the first time you are using it) before I put my cleanser/ soap on and rub it on my body.


Shower Glove
If you are not too keen on the loofah sponge, then this is a really gentle shower glove. I do it when I really do not feel like exfoliating (if I
have been sunbathing or at a steam room/ sauna). The material is soft.


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