Have you noticed how the more and more we obtain in life, the more and more we achieve – we cannot let go of a tiny voice in our heads, which whispers: “You could do better!… You could have more!” This, my friends is called the ego. It is there to protect us from our hearts. Protect in the sense it does not let is live with our hearts. Deep down we are all afraid that if we lived with our hearts we would die… maybe not die, but feel loss, rejection, pain and then that could lead to us not being capable of coping with these bad experiences. So, here comes the ego (consciously or unconsciously we all choose to listen to our egos). The ego then does not let us get hurt. But in the same time it never lets us be truly happy either. Cause only if we live with an open heart – open to the loss, pain and the crap in live, only then we could lead a happy live.

Gratefulness is one of these amazing experiences, which could help us quiet the voice of our ego, surrender and be at peace with the present. What I try to do each day, each moment of the day is to truly acknowledge what I am grateful for. Ok, so someone just got the parking spot in front of you. But hey, you are lucky to have a car, to live in a city with parking spots, to be healthy enough to drive, etc. And while it is not possible to be happy all the time (it is ok to feel down, it is part of the ride), we could all dedicate a few moments each day to realize the things we are grateful for – for our family, our friend(s), our pet, for a meal or just from the random smile a stranger on the street gives you. Once we incorporate a tiny bit more grateful in our lives, magical things start happening. There is so much to be grateful for, we just have not noticed it till now.


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